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Why have I been sent another order?

We get a surprising number of emails from customers asking why they've been sent additional orders unexpectedly, with them having forgotten that they have signed up for subscription (repeat orders).  When visiting any product page on our store, by default the 'one time purchase' option for the item is selected as we know most customers just want to place a one off order.  To place a subscription order (and save 10% on our regular pricing) the customer has to manually select the checkbox 'Subscribe to Repeat Orders & Save 10%' as shown below:

Here you will also select your order frequency (e.g. Deliver every 1 week).  

Our subscriptions orders are very popular with many customers due to the convenience and the extra discount available but we never create susbcriptions on a customer's behalf.   If you have received additional identical orders then it will be because you chose to sign up for a regular subscription yourself as shown.  Should you wish to cancel your subscription, all you need to do is please follow the simple instructions on our 'How do I cancel my subscription' page.  

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